Cat Scratch Fever

Freddy Kreuger - This is for youYou never see this type of thing happening when a dog is in a car.

Modesto police are blaming a scratching cat for an accident that toppled a power pole and shut down a street for nearly an hour. A police sergeant said Friday that a woman was driving with a cat in her lap. The animal scratched her, and she drove into the pole.

Let me highlight a couple of differences between dogs and cats.

One…dogs don’t scratch; we bite, but never the hand that feeds us.

Two…poles are meant to be measuring sticks of a dog’s place in society, not as a thing to ram your car into.

Three…any self respecting dog will not sit in their owner’s lap while in a vehicle.

In fact, all we want to do is for our owners to open up the window so we can stick our heads out. Ain’t nothing better than having my jowls flap in the wind, although I will admit that scraping the bugs off my teeth sucks. Oh, don’t forget to wear eye protection, especially if you favor sight over smell.


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