Housing Boom

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Housing BoomThere are a lot of reasons not to go to work, even if it is just to accompany your owner. Here’s reason #83 why getting anywhere near work can be bad for you.

BRECKENRIDGE, Colo. (AP) – A dog was found alive and in relatively good shape after spending eight days trapped in the rubble of a building that exploded, critically injuring the pup’s owner.

Good Times Adventures is a snowmobiling and dogsledding business. Mislanski, a company van driver, was house-sitting for managers who lived in the upstairs apartment when the building exploded.

Good Times?

Lulu, a Springer spaniel, was rescued Sunday after the owner of the business that had been housed in the two-story building heard her whimpering.

“We turned off the radio and started calling out Lulu’s name. Then we heard some yelping,” Brian Holt, owner of Good Times Adventures, told the Summit Daily News in Tuesday’s editions.
After 45 minutes of frantic digging, we found her laying in a crawl space under 15 feet of rubble,” he said.

I have it on good authority that, roughly translated, the yelping meant, “Hey, I have a two story house on top of me. Get it off of me. Oh…and why have you waited eight days to start calling my name?”

Lulu’s owner, Brian Mislanski, had been critically injured in the April 19 explosion and remained at St. Anthony Central Hospital in Denver on Tuesday.

“I’m happy,” Mislanski told The Associated Press on Tuesday. He declined to comment further, but friends who are caring for Lulu said they took her to visit him – with permission from the hospital.

A two word quote about a minor miracle? Quiet rivers run deep…or maybe the AP reporter lost his pencil and forgot the real quote.

Veterinarian Christine Murphy said Lulu suffered mild dehydration and had some trauma to her left eye. She probably survived by drinking melting snow and eating food she found in the debris, Murphy said.

Let’s hope that melting snow wasn’t yellow.


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  1. Jake on May 12th, 2008 5:26 pm

    Holy moly look at that house. I hope Toto was able to escape!

    This website looks different…are we not in Kansas anymore?


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