Are You Qualified?

The Doctor Is In Dear Bo,

Why do you think you are qualified to answer questions posed to you by other dogs?

Faithful Follower


Dear Faithful Follower,

Where to begin? First off, I’m sixteen human years old. That gives me something that every teenage boy wants and every teenage girl runs from. That’s right, experience, and it is this that has made me the wise dog I am today.

Sure it may sound cocky, and if you’re well read, a certain quote from Shakespeare’s dog, Ralph, might come to mind. You know the one, it goes like this, “The fool doth think he is wise, but the wise dog knows himself to be a fool.Well, I urge you to disregard Ralphie old boy.

As history has shown, Ralph was a fool whose only claim to fame was that he peed on Shakespeare’s leg and told him it was raining. As a side note, that’s why Shakespeare wore those funny pants pulled up to the knee. Little known fact, but true.

But I digress. My experiences are varied. I was in and out of youth facilities (aka dog pounds) in my early months, giving me street smarts. I took online classes at Phoenix University, giving me book smarts. But you may be asking, “What about the smarts in between?” Well I got them by experiencing life with my family. From trips to the vet, to great yard escapes, to peeing in the house I’ve experienced it all.

But I guess the real reason I feel most qualified to answer your questions is that I am the only dog I know that can type 60 words a minute and not have it come out saying, “Woof woof woof,  woof.”

So please, ask your foolish questions and I will respectfully respond. Oh, before I forget, my advice is for entertainment purposes only.



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