Free Falling

Help Me, PawMy parents often say I resemble a mini bear. I take that as a compliment. Cute, cuddly with a streak of independence. What’s not to like? Here’s a story about an incident one of my soul brothers had in Florida.

A large black bear had a new home in the Ocala National Forest on Monday morning.

Wildlife officials finally captured the 300-pound bear Sunday night. The capture started Sunday afternoon, when the bear climbed a tree over Rock Lake in Orlando (see map) and fell asleep.

I like this bear. It’s a fat ass at 300 lbs, making me look thin by comparison, and it can fall asleep anywhere, even in a tree! As a bonus, if you click on the map provided in the article you will see exactly where the tree was located. I guess the water in that part of the lake is pretty shallow.

“We don’t want to risk the situation where he falls out of the tree into the water or on land and hurts himself and we also don’t want to risk pushing him to where he runs across the street and causes an accident,” said Mike Orlando of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission.

My parents could have used some of this advice in my youth. They chased me everywhere. Well, not up a tree, but all around the neighborhood. Still, I never caused an accident. Well, while being chased, that is. I did have an accident while driving my mother’s car…but you’ll need to read my book to get all the details on that one.

The bear eventually did fall into the lake when the branch he was on snapped. He was able to swim to shore where trappers tranquilized it.

The bear broke his paw, but wildlife officials think he will make a fast recovery.

I wonder whether the bear’s dream was about falling? Anyway, maybe being call a mini bear isn’t such a good thing after all.


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