When Sausage Dogs Attack – Part Deux

May 9 | 4 Comments

I’m Vicious!I’ve known a few dachshunds in my time and each one of them has been very friendly. That’s why I don’t understand this report on another sausage dog attack. The previous attack story can be found here .

COPENHAGEN, Denmark, May 7 (UPI) — A member of Denmark’s Queen’s Guards said he required three weeks’ sick leave after he was attacked by a royal dachshund while patrolling the palace grounds.

Nikolaj Fogh, 20, said his superiors tried to keep the royal pooch attack quiet, the Copenhagen Post reported Wednesday.

If Fogh had any sense, he’d keep it quiet too. C’mon, it’s a dachshund that bit him, not a great dane or a lab or even a cocker spaniel.

“Of course you are entitled to sue the royal family, but we’d prefer it if you didn’t,” Fogh quoted a high-ranking officer as saying after the incident.

Maja Fogh, the guard’s mother, said it is unfair that the royal family’s dogs get special protection from the law.

“Any other dog would have been put down,” she said.

And if humans were put down, her son would be the first one pushing up daisies today.


4 Responses to “When Sausage Dogs Attack – Part Deux”

  1. Dottie Diddles on October 3rd, 2008 4:50 pm

    What a complete jerk.  I am a dachshund and proud of it.  That dog was more than likely just doing it’s job of patrol duty too.  maybe had the guard and the dog worked together none of this would have happened.  We care about our homes just like you humans and if we see someone suspicious we are going to investigate.  I mean if this were your home and a strange creature walked in wouldn’t you try to scare it away?  Come on people it was a dachshund not a huge man eating carnivore how much damage could a little dog do on something well over a hundred times it’s size.  Hey Nik grow up and stop acting like such a baby.

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  4. James on June 8th, 2012 4:16 pm

    what is the bite force of a long haired dachshund ?
    lbs per square inch 

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