When Cats Attack

I Like Mine Without SugarHere’s a quick little story that gives us reason # 7213 why it’s not a good idea to own a cat. It also happens to be reason #1 why not to take them on car rides either.

Two people were slightly injured Thursday when a 70-year-old woman’s cat attacked her face, causing her to slam her Toyota Solara into the restaurant where the two people were eating lunch, Folsom police reported Friday.

The incident occurred about 12:23 p.m. at Barbecue Express in the 6600 block of Folsom-Auburn Road. The Solara nearly came through the wall, and the two diners were struck by a piece of that wall as well as a soft drink machine and a table, said Officer Michelle Beattie, police spokeswoman.

It’s good to see that this story doesn’t feed into the stereotype of old ladies being cat owners. Makes me wonder how many cats were at home waiting for her to return with their favorite Meow Mix pulled pork sandwich. It’s also known as the #3 at the Barbecue Express.

They complained of pain, but there is no indication that they required transportation to a hospital.

The owners and the people who work at Barbecue Express may be the ones really feeling the pain. The business is closed, at least temporarily, said a worker who answered the telephone Friday but declined to give his name. He was on duty Thursday when the Solara hit the wall.

In related news, local pigs danced in the streets.


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