Lap Dog Dance

Tricycles Are Cool - Bicycles Not So MuchEven a sarcastic dog like me enjoys a good heartwarming story so I felt compelled to pass this one along.

Buddy the lap dog is back in Mark Hench’s lap after a months-long odyssey that included a dognapping in California and a mysterious reappearance in Texas.

Hench? Most likely short for Henchman, me thinks. So when dealing with Henchman is it really that surprising that a dognapping occurred? I think not.

“He is a wonderful dog, just a complete joy and very well-behaved,” said Gloria Pollock, the last of a string of volunteers who brought the Bichon Frise to Hench’s doorstep in Fort Collins on Saturday afternoon.

Hench had the bed, the food, the dish and the leash ready for Buddy and immediately reattached to the dog he considered “my little son.”

Hench was living in Ventura, Calif., last year, when he bought Buddy from an animal shelter.

“I had him for about three months,” Hench said. Then one day someone riding a bicycle grabbed Buddy and pedaled off, according to an account relayed by a neighbor.

Is it me or is there something strange about a bicyclist grabbing a dog and pedaling away with it? Seriously, who was the dognapper, Lance Armstrong?

For three months, Hench scoured the streets of Ventura, looking for any sign of Buddy. Hench then got sick and had to move to Fort Collins to be near his daughter. Months later, Hench was in a car when his cell phone rang.

An animal control officer from Fort Worth, Texas, said a microchip scan of a moppish little dog had identified Hench as the owner. Could he swing right by and pick up the dog?

So there is an upside to bagging and tagging us dogs. And all this time I thought it was just so Big Brother could watch our every move.

Well, he [Hench] was about 750 miles away and disabled.

So, Rescue Angels on Wheels got involved, alerted a few volunteers on their database and arranged a car transport from a Texas foster home to Colorado Springs, then to Highlands Ranch, and finally to the Fort Collins mobile home park where Hench lives.

“We made a brief stop at a groomer in Arvada, and she prettied him up for the big event,” Pollock said.

She is hoping Buddy’s story brings home two points to pet owners.

“First, the importance of microchipping,” Pollock said. Most shelters have a three-day hold before an animal can be euthanized, although the Denver Dumb Friends League and the Boulder Valley Humane Society, to name two, almost always keep the pets until a home is found.

“That microchip saved Buddy’s life,” she said.

Pollock also said Buddy is “a beautiful example of the wonderful dogs that can be adopted through shelters and rescues.”

They’re already vaccinated, spayed or neutered, and give the gratification to their new owners that they are saving a life, she said.

If you feel warm and fuzzy inside, then go to your owner right now and demand they adopt a brother or sister for you. If they refuse, hit ‘em where it hurts. Start peeing in the house. They love that.


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