Drinking From Old Faithful

Zorro the MilitantYa know, Bo, Mimi is very careful to replenish daily our water bowls and tends to obsess about the cleanliness of everthang. However, I can’t hep it and sprint toward the forbidden commode when she forgits to close the lid. There ain’t nothin’ lika a good old stiff drink of u know what. What is the deal here? She’s older than dirt and forgits thangs sometimes. Will I get sick….or die?

Best REgards,

Dear Zorro,

Unless the commode is an Outhouse you’ll be fine.

Let’s face it, the water in a toilet is cool and refreshing so why not partake of its offering? I know the water there is changed more frequently than the water in my dog dish. Most likely this is because of my father’s aging prostate, but that’s another story for another day. On a side note, why he finds it necessary to pee in my primary source of cool water is a question I’ve been asking myself for years.

No doubt Momma Mimi equates the bathroom with germs, but c’mon, that’s what we canines live for. Does she think there are no germs on our friends butts when we smell them? Are there no germs on the kitty snickers we steal from cat litter box? And did we take it lying down when the germs bombed Pearl Harbor? Of course not.

Bottom line, Zorro, is if you’re not willing to stop your behavior, just make sure she doesn’t put chemicals (you know, the stuff that turns the bowl blue) into the commode. Now, that will make you sick!

Hopefully that answers your question, but I suspect the real question may be: Momma Mimi doesn’t flush after she pees and I really enjoy that cup of tea. Will that kill me? Well here’s an interesting response regarding just that.

If you had told me the bowl remained unflushed for fairly long periods of time for whatever reason, it may have been a clue that the craving for this type of water may be caused by some kind of dietary lack.

So basically, check your diet to make sure you’re getting all your essential vitamins and minerals. I find that by adding a box of Lucky Charms to my daily eating schedule takes all my cravings away.

Tell Mimi I understand the thing about being older than dirt. I don’t put the lid down too, not because I forget, it’s just my fuzzy paws don’t reach up that high anymore.



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