Peanut Butter Review

My Nose…My Peanut Butter NosePeanut Butter, my favorite food. I love licking it from the old man’s spoon during his midnight snack run. Sure it ain’t pretty seeing that big, white belly during a full moon but that ain’t gonna stop me from licking the utensil with all that buttery goodness.

So you may be asking, “Bo, what is your favorite brand of peanut butter?” Well ask no more as I lay out what I see as the critical elements in becoming the best butter of the peanut in all the land.

First off, my peanut butter needs to be peanuts and salt…that’s all. It can’t have partially hydrogenated or palm oil. That stuff will kill you. Not quick, like challenging Michael Vick’s dog to a fight, but slow and painful like listening to a Britney Spears song set on repeat on your iPod. It also can’t be sweetened with sugar, dextrose, sucrose, fru fru cose, etc.

Taking all that into account, I’m forced to give a big paws down to JIF, Skippy and Peter Pan. Sure their labels may say no trans fat, but if you look at the ingredients, it’s in there. Add to that the supplements of sugar and it’s a big no for this weight watching, health conscious canine.

So my options dwindle down to natural peanut butters. If truth be told, they’re all about the same, but the one I have settled on is Smucker’s Natural Peanut Butter – Chunky style. It’s got a good, hardy peanut taste and leaves a slight salty aftertaste on my palate like wisps of morning fog over a mountain lake. When I eat it, it’s like being at the ballpark. The only thing missing is the beer.

The downside is that upon opening the jar, the contents need to be stirred due to the separation of oil from peanut. If you don’t mind sticking your paw in the jar and stirring, this can actually be seen as a positive. I will say it makes for a great “Peanut Butter Paw” to suck on for the remainder of the day. Cover mine in carobs, please.

In the final analysis:

Smucker’s Natural Peanut Butter – Chunky

Pros: No additives, just peanuts and salt; strong peanut taste; healthy

Cons: Oil separation requires stirring; requires storage in areas I can’t get my fuzzy paws at


Final Rating

4.5 out 5 Paws

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