I Can Dig It

I dig burgersDear Bo…will you please explain to my rude mother….why digging is an except able behavior!!



Dear Logan,

Ahhh, digging. It’s a subject near and dear to my enlarged heart.

I used to love it when I was younger. My yard had a wooden fence around it and my favorite activity was to go to the back of the yard, which was covered by trees, and dig a hole at its base. With a sufficiently shallow hole dug, I’d then chew the wooden slats on the bottom of the fence and crawl, military style, to freedom. Once on the other side, I’d cruise the neighborhood unencumbered by human direction for the balance of the day. I’d hear my owners drive around the neighborhood screaming for me to come to them. C’mon people, let’s be real. I wasn’t coming home until I was ready for food and sleep. It was only then I’d drag myself up to the front door and bark to be let in.

So Logan, I understand the digging thing. I also understand we all do it for different reasons. I did it to escape. You may be doing it because you’re bored and looking to play or it could be there’s a gopher or rabbit you’re after or it may even be that you just want to get your rude mother’s attention. Not having the chance to hang around you I’m not sure what your muse is. I do know that digging is to dogs what partying is to Lindsey Lohan. It’s what we do; it’s second nature to us. Your mother just needs to understand this.

Of course that won’t stop her from trying to modify your behavior. It’s what humans do; it’s second nature to them.All I can hope is that your mother doesn’t punish you after the fact. Let’s face it, by the time she’s pointing a finger at you and telling you that you’re not worthy, you’ve already forgotten what you’ve done.

Maybe this link can help her figure out your digging habits and solutions to curtailing them. As a bonus, the article answers the age old question of why dogs dig. Curious about the answer?

Well, it’s simple really, it’s because we can.



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