The High Life

May 16 | 2 Comments

Can You Grab Me A Beer?My old man loves beer and he refuses to give me any. He tells me that alcohol, hops and carbonation are bad for my innards. I don’t buy it. I think he just wants all the beer for himself. That excuse is now going out the window because look at what I just found out on the internets. Dog Beer! You heard right. 3 Busy Dogs has created Bowser Beer. It’s just for dogs and it tastes like beef. Let the party begin…

Introducing Bowser BeerTM

Does your dog drink responsibly?

I will say that lately I haven’t been drinking very responsibly. In fact, just before I go to bed at night I load up on a bowlful of water. Then, at about 3:00am, I wake up my father so he can carry me downstairs and let me out. He looks tired, but that’s not my problem. Anyway, I’m thinking that maybe Bowser Beer can get me off the water habit and on to something better. Let’s see what’s in it:

Bowser BeerTM is made from filtered water, pure malt barley, and infused with dog-loving beef extract – without hops or alcohol. It’s low-cal, like our pretzel treats, so you can spoil without guilt.

An infusion of dog-loving beef extract? Sign me up for a case of the stuff.

So what’s the best time to enjoy this hearty, beefy drink?

[While] watching sports on the couch or after a long, dusty walk … Put some party in your animal!

Or I could just drink some before my 6 hour nap, and then some more after I get up to pee. And, hey, nothing says party like a drunk 103 year old canine with an attitude. I just hope this stuff doesn’t make me argumentative.

Bowser BeerTM comes in a handy 6-pack of 12 oz. bottles [...and you can] personalize your beer with a picture of your favorite dog!

I hope the bottles are twist offs. I hate bottle openers because I just can’t get a grip on them. Even if they’re not twist offs, who could resist being featured on their own beer? Not me, my friend. Not me.

* Though non-alcoholic, do not let your dog drive or operate heavy machinery when drinking Bowser BeerTM.

I guess I better get my Bobcat work done before my shipment arrives. I just hope they have an internet connection at the Betty Ford Clinic.


2 Responses to “The High Life”

  1. Jenny Brown on May 22nd, 2008 10:19 am

    Hi Bo,

    You are our favorite kind of customer – you go for the gusto!  Yes, we have tamper-proof, twist off caps so you won’t hurt your tender paws.   Our new web site will be coming soon and there will be all kinds of fun information and news about when our chicken flavor is coming out!    Now you can party with your owner – no excuse to miss out on all those summer barbeques! 
    Chewy, Dax, and Casey – The 3 busy dogs

  2. Bo on May 23rd, 2008 11:00 am

    Chewy, Dax and Casey:

    Just curious if you’re planning to integrate hard liquor shots as part of your product offering? I could see downing a shot of Tea Killya and chasing it down with a Bowser beer.

    mmm, mmm, good.

    Stay busy,

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