Elementary, My Dear Rover

The Usual PleaseI’ve heard of bomb sniffing dogs, cadaver dogs, and even hot dogs, but I’ve never heard of pub sniffer dogs. Where else but in Scotland would you find this rare canine breed?

A police operation has started in south west Scotland to send sniffer dogs into pubs to search for drugs. A total of 13 bars were visited by patrols in the Stranraer area as part of the initiative.

Going undercover requires the dog to assume the identity of the typical pub goer. Once it procures the confidence of the locals, it is free to search for drugs while the targets go to the wee. This appears to be a well thought out strategy and will, no doubt become a very effective tool in fighting drug crime.

A spokesman for Dumfries and Galloway Constabulary confirmed that no drug offences had been detected in the first phase of the operation. However, he said that more random searches were planned with the full backing of local licensees.

OK, so maybe it isn’t that effective. To put the spokesman’s comments in other words, “We’ll continue this until we have at least one arrest. Then we can call this bird brained idea a success.”

Sgt Jim Hendrie said the patrols, which took place earlier this month, had received only “positive responses” from the public.

“It gives people who are out enjoying themselves a sense of reassurance,” he said.

“The fact that we did not recover any drugs is very encouraging – it shows that the problem is not as rife as some people might think within our local pubs.

The poor results make me wonder whether there aren’t drugs to be found or, more likely, the pub sniffers themselves have downed a few to many Bowser Beers.


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