Power to the People

May 21 | 2 Comments

What Sign?I’ve always known that mice can’t read, but this story makes me wonder whether the same is true of cats.

A cat chasing a mouse in Tirana’s main power station caused a 72-hour blackout across parts of the Albanian capital, the electricity company said on Friday (local time).

“A cat and a mouse ran into the high-voltage cables,” a company spokeswoman said, showing pictures of the electrocuted animals.

What part of the DANGER – High Voltage sign did Mittens not understand? Apparently, all of it.

“We took pictures because we’ve never had anything like this.”

Albanians complain bitterly about the power cuts that have plagued them for decades, and are mostly blamed on drought and the dilapidation of the communist-era grid.

Add to that list, illiterate cats.


2 Responses to “Power to the People”

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