I Smell Trouble

May 21 | 1 Comment

Sniffer and PlayerDear Bo,

Is it proper for a male doggie to sniff another male doggie in…ahem,sensitive places? And if yes,should this doggie be on a plane to San Francisco?…not that there’s anything wrong with that and not that me knows said doggie.


Dear Harley,

Interesting question and one that has many owners as well as experts perplexed. There are three theories that are currently being hotly debated.

The first, and the one I like the best is this one

The dogs once held a meeting; they came from near and far.
Some of them came by train, and others by trolley car.

But before they got inside the hall and allowed to take a look,
They had to take their rear ends off and hang them on a hook.

Then in the hall they went at once… the Mother, son and sire.
But hardly were they seated when some “mongrel” hollared “FIRE!”

So out the door they ran all in a bunch… they had not time to look…
And each one took a rear-end, at random, from the hook.

They got their rear-ends all mixed up, which made them awful sore.
To think they didn’t have the one they’d always had before.

And that’s the reason you will see, when you go down the street,
Each dog will stop to swap a smell with every dog they meet.

And that’s the reason why a dog will leave a nice fat bone.
To go and smell a rear-end… ’cause he hopes to find his own!

I always thought my ass looked a little big for my body. Now I know why.

The second theory is that canines sniff each other because they carry their I.D. cards under their tails. It gives important information such as are you male or female, are you dangerous and do you require glasses or contacts while driving.

And the third theory, and Harley you alluded to it, is that dogs are gay. Of course we are. Life is too good not be joyous about it every day.



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  1. Luckeyboy from Doggyspaces on May 22nd, 2008 9:08 am

    hahaha this was great I loved reading this story I never knew that Thanks Bo an Harley for the ? love Luckeyboy

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