Boot Camp

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Why Do I Need 4 Shoes?It didn’t dawn on me until I was five years old why people wore shoes. It also happened to be the same year I slit my paw pad open on a sharp rock, losing two pints of good old fashioned Bo blood. So delicious, ask any vampire.

Seeing the benefits of protecting a canine’s paws on treacherous ground conditions, Chinese firefighters decided to do something about it.

Rescue dogs working with Chinese firefighters have been given leather shoes.

The picture is of rescue dog Lu Feng showing off his leather boots. Out of the camera’s view, but ahead of him, was his married sister, Ms. Feng-Shui. Some of you may have heard of her.

Chaoyang fire brigade in Beijing city have fitted them with shoes to protect their paws.

“It’s mainly to protect their feet, not for fashion,” a fire brigade spokesman told the Beijing Times.

Although nothing says fashion like bright orange boots.

The soles are made of leather, while the uppers are made from tough, fire-proof fabric.

The department says the dogs’ working environments are usually very dangerous, and their feet are easily cut open or burnt.

Also a dangerous environment is the area around my father when he eats corn on the cobb. Unless I’m wearing Doggles, I risk having a kernel put out an eye. At least they’re not orange.


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  1. Harleydog on July 9th, 2008 3:09 pm

    The Chinese make fireproof clothing?Oooh, the irony here!Apparently,no one’s noticed the Hunan
    Torch brand for toddlers at the local Wal-mart.

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