Old Age Record Holder

May 29 | 2 Comments

What’s Up Sonny?And I thought I was old…check out this unofficial record holder.

A couple claim their Labrador cross is the oldest dog in the world.

The owners of Bella say that she is at least 29 years old, reports the Daily Telegraph.

Owner David Richardson, 76, said he got the mixed breed dog from an animal home about 26 years ago when she was at least three years old.

That would make Bella’s age more than 200 years in canine years.

That means she was born during the same time Benjamin Franklin’s dog was holding on to that kite and discovering electricity.  That is old.

But the RSPCA said it does not have any records for Bella and the Guinness World Records said without the appropriate paperwork it could not be proved.

“I’m convinced she is the oldest dog in the world”, said Mr Richardson, from Chesterfield.

Gareth Deaves, records manager from Guinness World Records, said: “Unless we can get a doggy birth certificate or some really clear evidence from the RSPCA then we won’t be able to prove Bella’s age and we can’t list her as the oldest dog.”

According to Mr Deaves, the most recent record for the oldest dog was held by Butch, a 28-year-old from America who died in 2003.

The oldest ever dog was Bluey, a sheepdog from Australia, who lived to 29.

Bluey was seen in the Bugs Bunny cartoons punching a clock to watch the sheep.  I can’t remember if he was Sam or Ralph, but he was there.


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  1. jim garside on April 4th, 2009 5:34 pm

    my lurcher dog is 22 years old today happy birthday benji. jim

  2. Bo on April 7th, 2009 10:10 am

    Ahhh, Benji…you make me feel like a spring chicken!

    Happy Birthday!!


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