Dog Keeps Eating My Dirt

Loves To Dish The Dirtdear mr bo.

mom has just planted new flowers,but me has a habbid…
it drives mom nuts…
me eats dirt.
and me only eats it from the pots with flowers.
not dirt out our park,or out our bushes outside,only the pots of dirt on the balcony.
is it bad fur me?
mom worry’s about it.
is dirt healthy!
can ya help me mr bo?


Dear bull-boy,

Dirt, huh? Grass I can understand, but really, good old fashioned mother-earth flavored dirt? I gotta be honest, I don’t get it. If it were me, I’d rather work my mother for a nice mailman on a stick from Kreature Komforts or a tube steak from the old man.

At least you’re discriminating when it comes to the type of dirt you like, only choosing the potted soil. That gets me to thinking, what kind of soil is your mother using? Does it have some added, yummy manure? Is it infused with slimy worms? Are the flowers actually cattails? I guess what I’m saying is there’s some ingredient in that pot of flowers that you love. Your mother just needs to figure out what it is.

But what if it isn’t the flavor you’re after, what could cause the problem then?

Well there are several other possibilities, one is that the soil eating is due to a deficiency of a mineral substance in your diet. Most dog foods should contain all the nutrients required by a dog.

Another possibility is that although your diet is not lacking any nutrients, you have a problem with your metabolism that is either preventing absorbtion, preventing the use or increasing the loss of these minerals. Although not an emergency I would suggest that you be taken to your vet. Some useful parameters to find out before you go are whether the amount that you drink has changed at all (increased or decreased?) Is your appetite normal? And also any other changes in behavior…that your owners don’t deserve. In case you’re wondering that last bit came from a real vet.

A word of caution, if you crap out a dust storm, you’re eating too much dirt.



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