Setting The Pace

I look better in leatherHi Bo,My name is Kodi and I am a lab and almost 2 years old. My problem is that I pace. I have been outside, I have had a long walk and playtime in the yard with my toys. I have lots of toys inside to play with too. But I still pace, back forth around, over and over again. My family tries to ignore me but after a while it drives them crazy and they put me in my crate. My Mom feels sad that I am in my crate when the family is home. Is there anything my family can do to help me stop pacing ????

Thanks Bo
your pal

Dear Pal Kodi,

I don’t know how you read my mind Kodi, but pacing has been first and foremost on my mind recently. You see I’ve been pacing around the house relentlessly, in fact if I were a car I would have been selected as the Indy 500 Pace Car. But I’m not a car, I’m a canine treat-getting machine, who just happens to enjoy ‘sharking’ around my parents.

As for your particular situation, I’m going to state the obvious first. Maybe it’s the sweater you’re wearing? It could be that it’s itchy and that’s why you feel the need to move. Now, if you still pace, even while buck naked, other things may be at play.

I must caution, if the pacing is accompanied with panting, your family should take you to the vets to get you checked out. As you know, it’s a sign that you have some discomfort. One thing I need to stress, make sure you get a dog treat at the check out counter. They’re up their in a jar, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Of course Kodi, you may be pacing to release stress, although I doubt that is the case for you. You seem to have such a good life, but then again maybe you’re the type of dog that sees the water bowl as half empty. Maybe you’re just the nervous type?

One thing to keep in mind is sometimes your owners reward the behavior that they are looking to stop. Are you getting the extra attention you crave by continuing to pace around the house? Be honest.

Finally, maybe you’re pacing because you are a bit hyperactive. Outside of giving you a lot of exercise, which you seem to get plenty of, maybe your owners need to teach you a few verbal commands such as “Down”, showing you repeatedly that they want you to lie down and relax.

So many answers…but which is the right one?

Best of luck,



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