Ichi Yes, Smelly No

Smelly WalkerSurprisingly, nothing smells about this story

A woman turning heads by taking her pet skunk for a walk on a lead has been told by a council that it may have to go, BBC Scotland can reveal.

Hannah Chapman, 23, takes de-scented Ichi for walks in Aberdeen. People have been stopping her to take pictures of the unusual sight in the Rosemount area of the city. An Aberdeen City Council spokeswoman said Hannah did not have permission to keep a skunk in her council flat but should get in touch.

I think it should be pretty easy for the council members to get in touch with Hannah. *Spoiler Alert* – Look for the woman walking a skunk on your city streets.

Hannah said that she was often given funny looks when she was walking her pet, and that people sometimes thought Ichi was an odd-looking dog, cat or gerbil.

That is one gerbil even Richard Gear would be afraid of.

Hannah’s pet has been de-scented so she can run around her home without a risk of smell. She said: “People are always stopping me on the street asking to take a photo. But they keep their distance because they think she is going to spray. She certainly raises a few eyebrows.”

As long as she doesn’t raise her tail and point it at me, I’ve got no problems with Ichi.

A Scottish SPCA spokeswoman said: “We sympathise with Miss Chapman’s predicament as facing the prospect of having to either move house or risk losing a much-loved pet would be difficult for anyone. However, this is not strictly an animal welfare issue, but a matter for the local authority to deal with.

If Ichi needs to move, I highly recommend France. Look at the hero worship bestowed upon Pepé Le Pew.

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