Jumpin’ Jehosaphat

No need to add sugar to this CocoaDear Bo,

I have a really bad habit of charging at the door when someone comes in or leaves. I start jumping on the person and I get so excited, I growl and nip them. I always do this. My mommy wants me to stop!

Any suggestions on how I can greet our visitors without scaring them????? :-?


a.k.a. Mommy’s Little Boy

Dear Cocoa,

I love visitors too, especially the UPS man…he leaves doggie biscuits on my packages. I’d like to return the favor by leaving doggie pee on his truck tires but he’s always in a hurry.

That doesn’t really address your problem does it? I have to be honest, I’m not one to get all excited about people coming into the house unless they have some special treat for me. If they want to engage with me, I let them make the effort. I see that you live on the other end of the greeting spectrum.

The first thing I want to make clear is that you aren’t scaring anyone. If you don’t believe me, just take a look in the mirror. Anyone that is afraid of you is also scared of sugar and spice and everything nice. Unfortunately that doesn’t give you a right to be jumping on people. So here are some thoughts that Doggie’s Big Mom can utilize to settle you down.

  • A 20,000 volt shock collar – not only will this stop you from jumping up on visitors, it will also stop you from breathing. I don’t recommend this.
  • Dousing all visitors with Eau De Johnny Mellencamp cologne prior to their entry into the house. The smell will ensure every dog keeps a safe distance from the guest but it will also keep people from visiting your house. Only recommended if you and your family want to become shut ins.
  • Toe Block – Used on small dogs, this little known, but highly effective move trained Toto, of Wizard of Oz fame, to stop jumping up on the Wicked Witch of the West. In order to use this move successfully, she will need to have a grotesquely large big toe, and it must be hairy. Flashing the toe is recommended only if your mother is already married or plans to be a spinster.
  • For larger dogs use of the body block – “as the animal starts to jump up on you, turn sideways and either extend your leg or lean over and with your hip give a body block so that the dog never even gets her paws on you. You see, once she has her front paws on you, she already got what she wanted (she won and you lost).When the dog has all four feet on the floor, immediately squat down and give her attention. She will soon learn that by sitting quietly with all four feet on the floor she will get what she wants.”
  • Team up with a friend – “Have your dog sit as a friend approaches. Have your visitor approach your dog instead of allowing your dog to go to the person. If he jumps up to greet them, have the person go away. If he sits, then have the guest reward him with a treat. After a few rounds your dog should figure out that sitting allows him to greet the guest. Be sure to practice regularly with different people to make the behavior a habit.”

One of those techniques should work for your mother. If not, click on the links in the article for more. Keep in mind, my advice is worth every penny paid for it.




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