Bubble Buddy Review

June 4 | 2 Comments

bbbo.jpgImagine, if you will, walking in the rain but instead of raindrops coming out of the sky it’s bacon flavored bubbles. Sound like a dream you’d twitch to? Well, purchase the Bubble Buddy and according to its maker, Happy Dog Toys, it may very well come true.

Recently I was in PetSmart, perusing the aisles with the old man in tow when the Bubble Buddy caught my eye. Once I read the packaging, I knew I had to get one for myself. It read…

  • Blow ‘em! Chase ‘em! Chomp ‘em!
  • Get ready for bubble chompin’ fun!
  • Watch your dog jump for joy
  • Your dog will go bonkers over the bacon-scented bubbles
  • You and your dog will have a blast!

That was the promise but in practice does the Bubble Buddy meet these lofty goals?

Before I begin, keep in mind that Happy Dog recommends this product for ages eight to adult. So for any of you young Pomeranians reading this, the Bubble Buddy is not for you.

Bubble Buddy PackageOnce home, I waited with anticipation as my father opened the packaging. The gun slipped out easily enough and so did the container of soapy sizzlin’ bacon juice. There’s a small chamber on the gun to put the bubble solution in. To me, it seemed too small, but then again I don’t hold the patent to this thing, Happy Dog Toys does. Surely the size of the chamber was a compromise between form and function.

When the bottle of bubble juice was opened, the room suddenly came alive with the smell of its contents. Sure, my parents couldn’t smell it, but since I have over 10,000 more smelling cells on my nose than they do, I could. The odor wasn’t quite sizzlin’ bacon but it was kinda like it. To me it was a cross between Baco’s and electricity. Kind of a funky smell, like if a pig was hit by lightning. I was mildly pleased with it.

My father took the gun and began pressing the trigger. Holy cow, what a racket it made. It pert near sent my sister, Copper, into an unrestrained pee convulsion. It didn’t bother me, but that’s probably because I’m almost deaf.

The gun shot out loads of bubbles, giving the room a New Year’s Eve celebratory atmosphere. The only things missing were a disco ball, a gay piano player and a poodle to kiss. I have to say, if the Bubble Buddy does one thing well, it’s to shoot out loads of bubbles.

So far so good, right? Well, there is a problem, outside of the sound the primary issue is that the bacon scented bubbles just aren’t that enticing. They don’t really smell that great and the taste isn’t much better. In fact my father gave a few bubbles a try and said, “Wow, they taste like your mother’s cooking, Bo.” That, my friends is not an endorsement.

It dawned on me that maybe the Bubble Buddy just wasn’t my thing. Maybe other canines would dig it more than me. I set off to test it on others in the neighborhood. First off was my sister Copper. After settling her down from the noise, my father blew bubbles in her direction. Nothing. Except trembling feet. Oh for two.

DinoNext up was Dino the local dachshund. You may remember his presidential run for the United Steaks of America. Soon to be a contestant on the Biggest Loser – Canine Edition, I figured he would be a perfect candidate. Who better than a canine who’s watching his waistline to test a scrumptious food delivery device? A few shots of the bubble buddy put heaps of frothy bubbles into the air. The only thing Dino noticed was the noise the gun made. After calming down, he showed no interest in the bubbles. Oh for three.

Maybe the Bubble Buddy needed a man’s man of a dog, not fru fru dogs under 70 pounds.

BruiserMeet Bruiser the local Great Dane. Bets were made as to how many bubbles Bruiser could put in his mouth all at one time. My guess was 24 mid size bubbles. The gun was filled, aimed and shot toward the greatest of Danes only to have him run for cover behind his mother. Oh for four.

Call me brave, heroic or just plain lazy but of all the dogs tested, I was the only one not to run away from it.

On a final note, heed the warning about only using this device outside. My father used it in the living room and now the couch and carpet have that Bacon Buddy smell to them.

Bubble Buddy

Pros: Loads of Bubbles, Other Flavors Available, Bacon is Good Food

Cons: Gun is loud, Doesn’t smell like bacon in the morning, Doesn’t taste like it either

Final Rating:

1 out of 4 Paws

bubblebuddybo.jpgbbcopper.jpgbubblebuddypack.jpgBruiser 2


2 Responses to “Bubble Buddy Review”

  1. Debbie on November 30th, 2008 5:42 pm

    Our dog, a Springer Spaniel, goes crazy for these bubbles. We can’t even say the word…he knows what it means! We never had much luck with the gun, just use the wand like we did when we were kids blowing bubbles. He plays 2-4 times a day, runs, leaps, chases if it’s a windy day. Great exercise for an active dogs. He has been playing with these since he was 6 months old and he is 4 years old now. Hope this helps someone else who has a high energy dog and needs to be worn out!

  2. Sally on November 14th, 2014 12:38 pm

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