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Why is he crossing the road?I don’t know why other animals think it’s such a great thing to be a human’s pet. Let me tell you, there are plenty of challenges getting my owners to provide goodies for my belly. You’d be shocked if you heard of the the humiliating things they make you do. Who else but a sadistic owner would think of putting a biscuit on the nose of their pet and not allowing it to move until the OK signal is given? That’s like putting a jelly donut on Rosie O’Donnell’s face and not letting her eat it. It’s cruel. Despite this, animals of all stripes are looking to join humans and bond with them. Here’s the latest entry…

FT. COLINS, Colo. (CBS) – Soon people in Fort Collins might be able to keep chickens as pets, similar to a dog or a cat. The City Council voted 5-2 to approve an ordinance Tuesday night, but it must still go through a final reading.

Fort Collins resident Dan Brown is leading the charge to allow chickens anywhere in Fort Collins. He says egg-laying chickens are a way for gardeners like him to make more food.

You know who else makes food? My feline sister Moose. Granted they’re not eggs but the kitty snickers are fabulous, and dare I say, more nutritious.

Brown said. “We’re not asking for any special treatment for chickens. We’re asking them to be treated just as any other household family pet would be.”

I’d like to see Brown take his chicken on a walk in the woods, drop it off at chickie day-care or teach it tricks at obedience school. And when’s the last time you saw a service chicken helping a blind person across the road? In fact we don’t even know if the chicken crossed the road, and if it did, why?

Poultry proponents say people are already keeping urban chickens against current rules.

There’s a lot of underage drinking going on out there too. I wonder whether these poultry proponents would argue we should make that legal too.

The final vote on the chicken issue is set for July 1.

If the ordinance isn’t passed, look for a large chicken BBQ on July 2nd.


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