Chew On This For A While

Please Answer My QuestionFirst of all a big bark out to my pal BO! I think you are so pawsume!

Ok mama was wondering why I have to chew my nails? She keeps them trimmed
but I like to redo them myself. Then I make a slobbering awful noise that
gets on her nerves chewing the rest of the way up my front legs then I will
continue licking forever till I get tired and go to sleep.

I also if she scratches my backside really good I will take my front teeth
and try and clean her arm for her while she is scratching my backside. Mama
says what the heck Luckeyboy. I dont hurt her it tickles she says and very
funny but what is this nervous tick I have? Do you know BO?

Love ya buddy,

yur furiend jus a Luckeyboy to know BO!

Dear Luckeyboy,

First off I have to tell you that your judgment is impeccable and I always enjoy hearing from you (that makes my judgment impeccable).

My sister Copper does the same thing. She nibbles on her nails and then sucks on her leg like it’s a barbecue rib with bone sucking sauce on it. Like your Mama, this drives me bananas. Copper usually does it because she has allergies so I’m wondering whether maybe you weren’t a luckey boy when they handed out the allergy resistance gene. If it isn’t allergies, are you the nervous, bored type? How about compulsive? Do tell Luckeyboy.

Lest you decide what course of action to take from the mind of a highly skilled canine, here’s some additional advice from a true vet.

Dogs will bite their nails for a variety of reasons… the most common causes could be allergies, infection, anxiety, or boredom.

As to your second issue Copper tends to do the same thing, although she only licks the arm that scratches her. If I had to guess I’d say that it’s a sign of affection. You’re being groomed and you’re reciprocating the love. It’s kind of like gorillas taking turns removing lice from each other, in your case it’s just being done simultaneously. I bet licking a gorilla’s arm would be a lot more fun than a virtually hairless human one, but such is our lot in life.

Be good, be strong and stay Luckeyboy.




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