Love Is In The Air

The Flying CocoDear Bo,

What do I do to get my Dancing Partner to ask me to be his Girlfriend? I am head over heels in lov with him and his Son.

My Brother has falling in lov with his MAMA and I think he is going to ask her to marry him but he wants to take to his First Wifes family First so they will not be Hurt or shocked or surprised before he does anything.

New Dancing Partner is not married now and is a single Dad so a wife or former wife is not a problem. His Son’s MAMA likes me and I like her a lot too. They have a wonderful Little Man that is a Southern Gentleman.

All of his Family like me. I have tried showing more skin,less skin my hair up,down ad differant color and nothing is working. I even whisper in his ear when we dance. I affect him cause his MAMA says he has problems fitting into his swimming trunk and speedos when he thinks of me and when we are togeather at the Campground you can always find him and BARNEY in the COLD WATER CREEK. His MAMA and I BOLBOL over that.

I have had 6 Doggys who wanted to date me after Peanut and I broke up. I tried to date to others but no sparks just Friendship sparks and that is all but with my Dancing Partner we light up a darkend room,we give it firecrackers,we sizzle.

PLEASE HELP. I am shy and would not dare ask him not like my Brother who is not shy at all.

Thanks BO


Dear Miss Coco and Typing Mama Kat,

Wow! I’ve read your question several times now and my oversized cranium hurts. I think I saw your story on a Jerry Springer Spaniel episode.

First off, breaking up with Peanut Butter, whether smooth or crunchy, is always difficult. Don’t forget to mourn the relationship if you haven’t had a chance to. That will ensure the relationship with your dancing partner (DP) is not a just a rebound.

I see that to entice DP you’ve tried all of the typical ways used by females to create interest. If DP is not responding, then I must assume that his breed is not of the sight variety and is motivated by his sniffer instead. May I be so bold as to suggest a little roast beef au jus behind the ears or a salami bandana around your neck or, and this may be emotionally difficult, wearing a peanut butter filled locket?

Once you’ve got the relationship going in the right direction, I would advise that you take this relationship slowly. I know it may be difficult since the sparks are already flying, but if he’s unwilling to commit to you in a reasonable amount of time be careful. You are still emotionally vulnerable from your previous relationship.

Just remember, DP isn’t going to buy the milkbones if he’s getting the chihuahua treat giving machine for free.

Good luck,


The canine love doctor


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