Begging Strips

June 12 | 1 Comment

Sniffer and PlayerDear Bo,

Got any special begging tricks to share? Me has run out of ideas :-(

Used up all my good ones…sit up(no prompt), sit and pretend me no hear “no beg”, sad eyes with head down, beg from other pawrent when initial givee leaves the room, and of course the lick the empty food bowl trick…

…at my wits end, please help…

Two should take me to the end of the year :lol:

your pal,


Dear harleydog,

Generally speaking, I like to keep my begging routines a secret. If an owner gets too much of a cute thing, it makes that cute thing not so cute anymore, our looks notwithstanding. But since you’re a big pal of mine I’ll forgo my rule and give you two special routines, that if employed correctly, work everytime.

The first, given to me by divine inspiration, would allow you to sell ice to a siberian husky owner. Yeah, it’s that good, so keep it to yourself. I call it ‘The backflip’ and it has never failed me. Well, except that one time I had an inner ear infection and I fell over.
It’s most effective when your owner is on the couch eating something you want. What you want to do is walk by your owner, stopping when you are two feet past them and then sit down. Make sure not to turn around and face them…keep you muzzle in the opposite direction, the same way you would if you were ignoring them. OK, so here’s the important, and tricky, part. Lift your chin straight up and over your head until it won’t reach any more. If done correctly, you should now be seeing your owner on the couch, although it may appear they are upside down. They are not, it’s just the way you are looking at them. Stay there until you hear the ‘Oh my gosh’ squeals and see the quick hand of treat giving goodness come your way.

The second begging routine that is not in your repertoire is the fake limp. I usually employ this technique after I’ve been staying with someone when my parents were on vacation. Let’s face it, they don’t know what happened over those few days they were gone. Did you have fun playing or were you getting yelled at, or maybe you were upset the entire time? They don’t know. So what I’ll do is ham it up big time with a limp that would put Tiny Tim’s to shame. Lay down, lick your paw and give them a soulful look. Before you know it, you’ll be getting the center cut of roast beef in no time.

I have to thank you for the empty bowl trick. It’s so simple, but I see where it can be so effective, yet I never thought of it.


- bo


One Response to “Begging Strips”

  1. Harleydog on June 18th, 2008 5:54 pm

    Great! Fantastic! What a pal! One more question though. Since I’m getting up there in age(10) and my brain doesn’t quite retain all the lies….er,I mean insignificant misrepresentations(yeah,that’s it) Will the humans remember which leg I’m faking it with?(cuz I sure won’t after a few days)
    Or will they be totally immersed in empathy that I can use either leg and not worry about it?

    Sweatin’ it out,your good pal,Harleydog

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