Mama Mia – Dog Pizza Review

June 19 | 3 Comments

Dinner TimeDay in and day out, I get served slop in a bowl for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I guess it’s not so much slop as it is dry hard pellets that taste like cardboard and lamb. So imagine my surprise when my old man pulled his chair up to the computer and surfed over to to order me my very own Heaven Scent Pizza.

I drooled uncontrollably as my father read me the ingredients…whole wheat flour, carrots, celery, parmesan cheese, garlic, basil, etc. No additives whatsoever. Sure it didn’t have any lard, but this pie tastes and smells just like a human pizza. Or that was the claim on the website. I couldn’t wait to find out if this pie lived up to the hype or whether it was more Domino’s Pizza than Ray’s Original New York Style.

It was a few days later when I smelled the UPS driver as he made his rounds in my zip code. His truck smelled of pizza. What can brown do for me? Deliver that pizza a little quicker. When the driver dropped off the pie I urged my father to tip him, however the brown van disappeared into the sunset long before my father could get the quarter out of his pocket.

It was now time for companion and me to get ready for the feast. We grabbed a bottle of red wine, some glasses, and a pizza cutter, heading downstairs to our dining area so we could be served by our owners.

Waiting In AnticipationOur dinner came in its very own box with a vacuum sealed pizza inside. I guarantee, once the seal is broken a dog’s heart will be set a flutter with anticipation, much like mine was.

The pizza was cut, and a slice was placed on my plate. I dug in with great zeal to find the actual taste fully meeting my high expectations. It was wonderfully delicious. Magically delicious if you’re a miniature Irish wolfhound reading this.

But was I a victim of the low expectations game? I had been served dry kibble for nearly a century and think kitty poo tastes great. It was time to call my faithful companion to try a bite and get her thoughts.

Who’s Going To Get The Last Piece?She carefully looked at the presentation (beautiful), then took in the smell (wonderful), and finally tasted the Italian goodness (heavenly). We agreed; we wanted more of this Italian pie. Thank goodness they deliver in our neighborhood.

A word of caution: You’ll note in the pictures that companion and I ate a whole pizza. I suspect the idea is to only serve a slice at a time, as a treat. If you have your owners wrapped around your fuzzy little paw and get them to give you the whole thing, just make sure to get on the treadmill afterwards to work off those extra calories.

In the end I have to say, Domino’s may deliver but Heaven Scent Pizza for Dogs brings it home.

Heaven Scent Pizza for Dogs

Pros: Smells great; Tastes great; Good for you; Reasonably priced

Cons: Bowser Beer not included; Heaven Scent Calzone not yet available


Five Out of Five Paws

Pizza Box Can I have some more porridge, please?Well if nobody is going to have the rest of this… Don’t mind if I do Anybody see where that last piece went?


3 Responses to “Mama Mia – Dog Pizza Review”

  1. Harleydog on June 20th, 2008 1:05 pm

    I’ve always had a hard time manipulating that darn pizza slicer.I usually end up two rooms away from my pie trying to get that thing on plane.Is that a special Oxo dog version? Such nice clean edges you make Bo…

    Harley-in awe- dog

  2. Bridget & Oscar on February 19th, 2009 11:26 am

    We just want to say thanks for the pizza! We’ve been begging our parents for some wine with dinner too, but they just keep saying we’re too young. I mean COME ON!…Oscar’s SIX already and besides, even if I’m just two, I’m VERY mature for my age. Even so, we love, love, love the pizza! We’ll keep after our parents for the wine…maybe when we’re a few years older. Oh well.

    Bridget & Oscar

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