Airlines Stink

I Bet This Skunk Smells Especially Good!My father travels for work every now and again. He’s always complaining about the airlines and getting stuck sitting next to a big guy, that smells and loves to talk. I think he just likes to exaggerate. Then this morning I get up and read this story as I’m downing my cup a joe. Maybe air travel really does suck.

MIAMI – An uninvited passenger created a smelly situation on a plane in Miami. American Airlines Flight 915 from Miami to Bogota, Colombia, was delayed Wednesday night after a skunk was found in the back of the cargo hold, discharging its foul odor throughout the aircraft, airline officials said.

Call me suspicious but what would drive a passenger going to Colombia to emit a foul odor? Could it be it was trying to cover up the smell of something else? You know, like your owner when she sprays the Glade aerosol into the air after reappearing from the bathroom. Maybe he was trying to cover a stinky doodie, too.

The skunk was discovered as workers were loading the plane. When crews tried to remove the skunk, the animal released its notorious rotten smell, American Airlines spokesman Tim Wagner said. No one was injured, but the odor filtered through the cabin and passengers were taken off the plane.

Thank goodness no one was injured, for we know skunk spray is the #1 cause of debilitating injuries in the world today.

“I’m sure it smelled real bad in there,” he said.

I’m sure it was no worse than my mother’s bathroom.


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