What You Gonna Do When They Come For You?

Another Totalitarian StateYou hear a lot about animal control but wouldn’t this world be a better place if we had human control officers?  Anyway, the animal control freaks are at it again in Erie, Pa.

Dog owners in Erie County and the city of Erie have until May 14 before city animal control officers and state dog wardens canvas neighborhoods looking for unlicensed dogs. The enforcement effort will target the entire county and city.

Any German Shepherd will tell you this is how it all started in Nazi Germany.

Dog control officials are reminding residents with dogs that all dogs older than 3 months must be licensed.

Licensing requires up-to-date rabies vaccinations and paying an annual registration fee.

Striking fears into the heart of any canine will be the local animal control officer asking, “Ken I zee youah paperz?”

Dogs in the city of Erie can be licensed for $6 neutered and $8 unneutered. Throughout the remainder of Erie County, dogs can be licensed for $6.50 neutered and $8.50 unneutered. Senior citizens receive $2 discounts in both jurisdictions.
State law allows maximum fines of up to $300 for each violation of the registration law.

Personally I’d rather be paying the higher, unneutered $8.50 fee but that decision was taken away from me years ago.

To all owners out there, just remember, first they came for the cats and you said nothing.  Then they came for the dogs and you said nothing.  Who’s going to be left to stand up for you when they come for you?


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