Dogman Caught!

A Dog?Crime, I don’t condone it, but sometimes you do feel sorry for the perp. Take for instance this story of an animal lover looking to provide for his pets.

TOKYO (AFP) – A Japanese animal-lover on welfare went to extremes to provide for his many pets by robbing convenience stores while wearing the mask of a dog, police said Monday.

Takaharu Kawata — branded by Japanese media as “The Dogman” — was caught on a surveillance camera wearing an oversized black-and-white canine mask while brandishing a knife.

OK…I feel I need to step in here. Please take a look at the picture accompanying this article.  Does that look like a dog to you? Are we that ugly? I didn’t think so. That looks more like a cross between a scary Easter Bunny, Wilford Brimley and a cat.

Kawata “said he resorted to the robberies because he loves animals and was running out of money to feed his two dogs, five cats, five turtles, two snakes and an aquarium of tropical fish,” the spokesman said.

Despite receiving monthly benefits of 120,000 yen, Kawata said he did not have enough money to cover the basic necessities for him and his pets.

He was reportedly without the mask when he was arrested, saying that his beagle — which he apparently bought with stolen cash — had ripped it up.

Sounds to me like the beagle may have been an undercover cop trying to stop Kawata from his evil deeds. Word to the wise, never open up to a beagle. They’ll howl your secrets to the world.


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