McDonald’s Roosteraunt

You Need Ketchup?As I continue to blog, I’m realizing that a lot of the wacky stories out there aren’t dog related at all.  Take for instance this latest one about a chicken hanging loose at a local Mickey Dee’s.

In an era of McNuggets and McChicken sandwiches, this bird brings new meaning to the term “fast food.”

A brown hen has taken up residence outside a McDonald’s in Temecula and, try as they might, neither the employees nor the customers can catch her.

That’s like a dog hanging out in front of a Chinese restaurant in Peking. Sure everything seems OK, until they catch you. Next thing you know, you’re the number 12, extra spicy, on the menu.

It has been almost four months since the chicken arrived and she appears to have settled in for the long roost, frequently blocking lunch-hour traffic in the drive-through.

“We’ve run after her so many times,” said the restaurant manager, Chona Cauley. “We were running after her like crazy. That is a fast chicken.”

When anyone tries to get close to the hen to grab her, Cauley said, she flies over the tall, vine-covered fence that backs up to the freeway or into a large oleander bush by the dumpster.

Outsmarted by a chicken. I guess what I’ve been hearing is true, man’s reign on earth is nearing its end.

Animal-control officers have come out several times to catch “the McDonald’s chicken,” but when they arrive the bird is nowhere to be seen, said Monique Middleton, animal-control supervisor.

I suspect the chicken has a tipster inside the animal control office. I know I would.

Some customers have taken a liking to the hen. Cauley said someone put up a sign near the menu urging drivers to look out for the chicken. Scattered chicken feed has appeared in the patch of grass near the window. Others let the bird nibble on fries.Then again, what more would a chicken want, Cauley said.

The chicken wants what everybody wants. A coop with a two car garage, 2 and 1/2 chicks to care for and a 780 credit score.

The McDonald’s crew does not know where the chicken came from…

Uhhmm…it came from an egg.


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