Sad Sack

July 1 | 1 Comment

That looks comfortable…and safe

Humans are thoughtless and cruel. I know I’m preaching to the choir here, but did you know their thoughtlessness goes back many, many years? Check out this invention by some innovator type from back in the thirties. I like how this article from the June, 1936 issue of Popular Mechanics starts out…

When you take your dog along for a ride, but prefer not having it inside the car…

Canines are so lovable, who wouldn’t want to have them inside the car? Unless, of course, it’s a dog like my sister Copper with her gas issues. The other night, she smoked my father out of the bedroom and onto the couch. She’s potent, and if left inside a car, a potential killer. This sad sack invention takes care of that issue.

The bottom of the sack is clamped to the running board and the top is fastened to the lower part of an open window with hooks, covered with small rubber tubing to prevent marring the car.

It’s nice to see they designed this contraption to prevent any damage to the car. Really, I’m amazed this invention didn’t take off. Maybe I’ll resurrect it, throw in a pair of doggles, and become the rich and famous dog I’ve always wanted to be.

Or maybe I’ll just go take a nap instead. Yeah, a nap. That sounds good. Night, night.

Maybe the inventor of this should have done the same.


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  1. Harleydog on July 3rd, 2008 4:50 am

    Reading some the website comments  makes Harleydog wonder if walking on 2 legs was an advancement in evolution.

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