Minimize Humiliation of Dog Hair Cut

July 8 | 1 Comment

Cuteness Cut ShortHello my dear pal,

My mom cut all my hair yesterday… ALL… except where you know. :oops:   But, I look like a teen now and don’t feel the respect from the other dogs I meet in the street … I feel naked and it stresses me… what can I do ??


Dear Pop,

It’s best if you can find a dark, quiet room without windows, and stay there until your hair grows back. If you don’t have such a room, then make sure to close all window shades so the other dogs in the neighborhood don’t see you like this.

If it’s impossible for you to stay inside, do not, I repeat, do not walk outside unless you are covered up. If you don’t heed this warning, you will be ridiculed by every dog you know…even the ones you think are your friends.

What your mother did to you is heinous but nobody ever said life is fair.  Just make sure to keep your internet connection up and let me know how it’s going. Needless to say, turn the web-cam off for now.

Good luck,



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  1. pop on July 9th, 2008 2:24 am

    yes , ok Bo … I’m gonna try to do what you said … yes … I’m gonna try this … maybe er I can hide under the bed . or behind a door.. hmmm I have to be thinner too …
    I’ll keep you informed in a few days . maybe I can put a hat on as you said. I will do that too because I need to go outside for my thingies..
    I’ll show you a pic so that you can see my transformation ;- )
    thank you Bo !

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