Special Delivery

shippedcat.jpgThis could only happen to a cat.

A house cat that climbed unnoticed into an open box took a trip he wasn’t expecting. He was shipped 700 kilometers in the parcel across Germany but emerged from the journey unscathed.

I guess the German parcel system handles their packages a little more delicately than the US one.

The unintended voyage of one-year-old “Janosch” began when he snuck unnoticed into a neighbor’s apartment and crawled into the open box containing a child’s safety seat the woman was about to ship from Rottach-Egern in Bavaria, Germany daily Bild reported on Thursday.

Apparently, he strapped himself in and waited for the journey to begin. I don’t know what the brand of that safety seat is, but they just found their new spokescat.

It was only when the parcel arrived at its destination in the town of Dorsten, in the northern Ruhr Valley, that a post office employee noticed the box moving on its own accord and freed the peripatetic feline.

I gotta be honest, I don’t know what the heck peripatetic means. Maybe it’s a condition you get when you hold your pee too long. Yeah, that’s what it must be.

According to Bild, Janosch’s owner, Gitti Rauch, got a call from her neighbor soon afterwards who’d just been informed of the unexpected delivery.

“Hey, I mailed your cat,” the neighbor told her.

No word on whether the neighbor asked for the 20 Euro’s charged for the extra weight of the package.

Janosch was housed for a few weeks in an animal shelter until Rauch could make the long trip to pick him up.

I have to ask the question that I know is on all your minds, “Why didn’t they just ship him back?”


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