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Logan Loves McCainSo I’m sitting there watching a little Animal Planet when the old man comes into the room, grabs the remote and channel surfs to some of them there news outlets. He skips between the venom spewing anchorman, the supermodel newswomen and the anchorperson telling us the world is coming to an end. I don’t pay much attention to it but I notice my sister Copper and my new brother Logan are keenly interested.

Before I know it, those two are tail deep into a discussion about the state of the world and the upcoming US election. They go back and forth and I can’t keep straight who’s going to vote for whom because they never mention a name…

“Your candidate is for big government and taxes everything.”
“Your candidate is mean spirited and hates poor people.”
“Your candidate pees standing up.”
“Your candidate likes cats.”

…and on and on it goes, getting more personal with each passing bark. Before I know it, I’m separating the two.

Being the old dog I am, I’ve seen these arguments breakup many a friendship. So I’ve learned to steer clear of discussing politics with members of the other party, and I highly advise any dog to do the same.

“But how do I know where a dog stands politically so I don’t inadvertently stick my paw in my mouth?” you ask.

Good question, and it got me to thinking, “Wouldn’t it be great if we could identify a dog’s voting preference by just looking at them?” That way we’d know what subjects were taboo, stay clear of them and voila, nobody’s feelings would be hurt.


Well, somebody else was thinking this too.  Specifically, the people that run site. There, you can purchase bandanas with your favorite candidate’s name on it. No longer will you have to worry about unintentionally offending a pup at the park. Just wear your bandana proudly, and if they approach you they are either a) like minded or b) deserve your political debating bite.

If you just can’t contain spewing your political views, also allows you to share them, as well as voting for your favorite candidate online. Personally, I prefer voting at the local high school. At least there I can pee on the voting machine once the curtain is drawn.

I urge you to throw off the shackles of your paw print bandana and show your support for Obama or McCain. So go and buy yourself a bandana. Who knows, in 100 years you may be able to sell it on ebay for 1,000 chewies.

As for me, I’ll write about my political beliefs someday, but I promised myself I’d finish my article on religion first. Political Bandana

Pros: Quickly identifies a dog’s political affiliation; minimizes unpleasant encounters with stupid dogs that just don’t get it; comfortable; you can blow your nose in it instead of having to wipe snot on your paws

Cons: Although colorful the effect is lost on canines since we’re color blind; doesn’t come with treats; No Stolli for President bandana


4.5 out of 5 Dew Claws

Copper Loves Obama


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