Cow Fart Collecting

July 21 | 1 Comment

This Is A No Smoking AreaJokin’ Jonny Moocow does it. Your owner does it. And you do it too. If you deny it, I’m going to say that you are the one that supplied it. Have you figured out what I’m talking about?

That’s right, I’m talking about air poopies or, what many of you know it better as, farts.

“Bo, why must you bring this up in a family oriented blog?” my readers will ask.

To which I must respond, “Because farts make me laugh.”

So check out this article on global warming, cows and capturing intestinal gas in a plastic jug, all for the betterment of living creatures on this great earth.

Experts said the slow digestive system of cows makes them a key producer of methane, a potent greenhouse gas that gets far less public attention than carbon dioxide.

In a bid to understand the impact of the wind produced by cows on global warming, scientists collected gas from their stomachs in plastic tanks attached to their backs.

The Argentine researchers discovered methane from cows accounts for more than 30 per cent of the country’s total greenhouse emissions.

I remember going to Argentina with my father as if it were only yesterday.  As we got off the plane, I turned to the old man and said, “Is it me or does it smell like cow crap here?”  To which my father said, “Bo, suprisingly it’s not you this time.”

As one of the world’s biggest beef producers, Argentina has more than 55 million cows grazing in its famed Pampas grasslands.

Beef producers…hehehe.

Methane, which is also released from landfills, coal mines and leaking gas pipes, is 23 times more effective at trapping heat in the atmosphere than carbon dioxide.

Scientists are now carrying out trials of new diets designed to improve cows’s digestion and hopefully reduce global warming. Silvia Valtorta, of the National Council of Scientific and Technical Investigations, said that by feeding cows clover and alfalfa instead of grain “you can reduce methane emissions by 25 percent”.

Hopefully this well get everybody off my back for leaving the air conditioner on all the time in my dog house. Hey, if Al Gore gets a pass, I don’t see why I shouldn’t get the same.


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  1. Sam on October 20th, 2008 9:08 pm

    how many times do cows fart a day?

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