Cat Head in a Jar

Cone of SilenceIt seems the mainstream media loves cats and will gives them favorable treatment all the time.  That’s why I find it incumbent upon myself to put stories on this blog about the realty of the the feline class. It doesn’t hurt if there’s a degrading picture to go along with it.

Take for instance this story of a kitty, wasting taxpayer resources, by getting her head stuck in a jar.

Curiosity didn’t kill this cat.

When Ralph the cat’s family went camping over the weekend, they left their kitty home alone. Oops. When they returned at midday Sunday, they found the gray tabby with white boots had gotten its head stuck in a mason jar.

A mason jar? What an amateur.  If it were me, at least my head would have been stuck in a peanut butter jar.

“The guys troubleshot it,” Flaherty said, and finally decided to try a little of the lubricating jelly they carry in their medical kits. A liberal dose allowed a firefighter to slide his fingers inside the jar and a moment later, “Ralph had the weight of the world lifted off his shoulders.”

Now I’m hungry for a lubricating jelly and peanut butter sandwich.


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