Punk Bear Runs Into Motorcyclist

polar-bear-tongue.jpgBear attacks. You hear about them all the time, but this one in Vermont has taken it to a new level.

BERLIN, Vt. — Motorcyclist Neale Gow struck a bear on his way home from work on Sunday and police say he’s lucky to be alive.

“At one point, I noticed something appearing in my vision from the left,” Gow said, “It turned out to be a pretty good-sized bear.”

Gow said he had little time to react to a large black bear running his way at full speed. He hit the animal in its side.

This makes me wonder whether this was a punk bear being mischievous. I can hear him in the woods telling his fellow buddies, “The next motorcycle that comes along, I’m going to run up to it and knock the human off of it!”

Gow said he was driving about 50 mph when he smacked into the bear. The impact was enough to toss him over the handlebars onto the pavement right in the middle of the road.

“My first thought after coming to a stop was, ‘I need to get off the road before I get run over by a car.’ But I couldn’t move. I was just so beaten up, I was unable to help myself,” Gow said.

I wonder whether he heard the bears in the woods telling their friend to ‘RUN’!

“There was some hair located at the scene, but the bear had obviously taken off,” said Col. Robert Rooks, chief warden of the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department.

Rooks said it’s likely the bear is alive. “Bears quite often, when they’re struck by a motor vehicle, end up taking off,” Rooks said.

Bears are notorious for their hit and run style.  That’s why their insurance rates are so high.

Gow said he will continue to ride motorcycles. This was his second crash on a bike.

The first crash was most likely a hit and run involving a Moose.


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