Bull Goes Swimming in Neighbor’s Pool

Answer: The BackstrokeI’m hot. No, not as in good looking hot, but as in temperature hot.  Today the temperature will be in the 90′s but with the humidity it will feel like 105.

If only my parents would buy a pool to allow me to cool off in. If I had a pool I’d lather sunscreen onto my milky white fur, blow up my inflatable raft and lounge around on top of the water all day. If that isn’t paradise I don’t know what is.

But it’s something I won’t have a chance to experience since my parents have too many concerns about owning a pool. No they’re not concerned about safety, but about having to entertain unexpected visitors they don’t want to associate with.

Sadly, the following story gives them even more ammunition to keep me from my backyard whitewater nirvana.

A bull has been rescued from a swimming pool by firefighters after it escaped from its enclosure and charged into the water.

The animal broke out of its paddock and found its way to the private pool on Kinaldy Farm three miles away near St Andrews, Fife.

The bull was rescued after firefighters drained the pool and pulled it out using special lifting equipment just before 2000 BST.

The bull was uninjured and is said to be doing well.

Fortunately the bull dove into the deep end of the pool. Otherwise he’d be wandering in the field with one of those neck braces screwed to his skull.

Another positive-no sign of sunburn. Word in the pasture has it the bull put on sunscreen prior to his jaunt to the pool.  For all you pups reading this, there can’t be enough good things said about making sure your skin is protected…and that’s no bull.

A Fife Fire and Rescue Service spokesman said: “The bull escaped from about three miles away and made its way into what is a private pool.”It is still sedated at the moment but everything seems to be in order.”

Once he recovers, the bull plans to take scuba diving lessons.

Click here for the video of the bull being taken out of the pool.


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