New Father at 111 – No It’s Not Tony Randall

Doesn’t Look a Day Over 110Hope comes in all different shapes and sizes. Today it comes in the form of a lizard.

The hope? That some day I may procreate and produce Bo Jr. I know it sounds impossible, especially given that I had my nads removed, but if a 111 year old lizard can slip one by the goalie, I should be able to figure out a way to do the same. Check out the story.

Henry the tuatara – a native New Zealand reptile – had during his 40 years in captivity resisted all attempts to get him to mate.

Earlier this year a reinvigourated Henry mated with Matilda – who is aged between 70 and 80 – and she subsequently produced 12 eggs which are now being incubated. It will be 12-16 months before the young are born.

Apparently Henry likes  his ladies young but personally I find it disgraceful. Why does a regal, 111 year old lizard need to get his jollies with a mere 80 year-old? What would the neighbors think? It’s sad, really.

Curator Lindsay Hazley said: “He wasn’t interested in sex until a cancerous tumour was removed from his bottom.”

No word on whether this was Henry’s ex-wife.

Henry, 23-inches long and weighing 1.2 kilos, now shares his enclosure with three females and his keepers are already looking optimistically towards the next breeding season in eight months time.

Lest anyone think you can’t teach an old lizard a new trick, Henry’s renewed interest in the other sex is in direct correlation to the time he spends on the web site The little blue pill that’s put in his insect feedbag every day doesn’t hurt either.


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