House Burned to Get Rid of Wasps

Look…no more wasps!You know how sometimes when you try to fix a problem you end up causing more trouble for yourself than what the initial problem posed?

It’s like when I’m hungry and decide to get food out of the garbage. I knock over the pail, pull out the bag and rip it to shreds looking for some decaying food to eat. Once I find it, I chow it down like it’s a prime rib just cut off a cow carcass at Sam the Butchers. Sure I’m not hungry anymore but after eating the rotting garbage I find myself sitting on the toilet bowl for the next three days. More trouble than it’s worth. Just ask my colon.

Here’s another instance of this phenomenon with a man trying to end the lives of some wasps that are holed up in his garage. When will humans learn, don’t fool around with Mother Nature and her offspring?

FARDAL, Norway, Aug. 7 (UPI) — A Fardal, Norway, man said his attempt to rid his garage of wasps ended with the structure burning to the ground with his car inside.

The elderly man said he poured lighter fluid on a rag and lit it in an attempt to smoke the wasps out of their nest, but the flames spread to the woodpile that held the nest and ignited a blaze that took down the entire garage, Aftenposten reported Thursday.

The goal was to rid the garage of wasps. I’d say that was a job well done.

He said he is waiting to hear from his insurance company to see if the loss of his garage and car will be covered.

Something tells me there may be a clause in the policy that states, “If homeowner is found to have willfully started his home on fire, we reserve the right not to cover the damages.” Or, to put it in laymen’s terms, “We don’t insure the mentally challenged.”


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