Upside Down Fish is Gold for Pub

Why is the ceiling on the floor?We all view the world in different ways.  Some see it as a world filled with treat givers, others as a world of treat takers but at least we all see the physical world the same way – right side up.

Well, a goldfish in the UK has spurned this world view and decided to mark it’s time on earth by doing it upside down. How it keeps from getting headaches, I don’t know, but it’s certainly turned into quite a tourist attraction at its local pub.

The fish – called ‘Aussie’ – has floated around with its white belly pointing upwards and its eyes staring down for the past four years.

Customers at the Globe Inn, in Lympstone near Exeter, Devon, spend hours watching him and joke that he must be drunk.

Aussie shares his tank with a black and white fish called Eddie – who swims the right way up.

Landlord Liam Matthews, 53, bought the goldfish from a pet shop in 2004 and says it has since become a tourist attraction.

Fish experts say Aussie swims upside down because it has a rare problem with its swimming bladder – but appears to be in no distress.

My old man has a swimming bladder too. That’s why, if you stand downstream from him, the water gets warm.

Mr Matthews said: “When I bought Aussie she was swimming normally but six months later she was swimming about upside down.

“We’ve had her checked out and she’s in good health – I suppose she just likes to see the world from that point of view.

Had her checked out? Hmm…I wonder whether it was a complete physical, mammogram and all.

“She seems happy enough – as far as you can tell with a fish. She enjoys swimming about that way and has always swum upside down.”She swims quite fast. She is very fit and she eats her food upside down. Everyone around here knows about her – she’s a bit of a legend.

“We’re still not sure of its a male or a female but we call her ‘she’ because she just looks like a woman.”

It shouldn’t be that hard to tell if the goldfish is a woman. Bring it to the local mall. If it goes on a shopping spree at Macy’s, it’s a galfish. If it goes to Radio Shack instead, you have yourself a manfish.


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