SuperPoo Escapes Exhibit – Hits Children’s Home

No That’s Not Superman In The AirArtists, they can be so temperamental. Me? I can be temperamental too, but I never thought that I had anything in common with the creative class.

However, if the object of this next story is truly art, then it appears I may be an artist after all. Check it out.

A GIANT inflatable dog turd by the American artist Paul McCarthy has blown away from an exhibition in the garden of a Swiss museum, bringing down a power line and breaking a greenhouse window before landing again.

The art work, Complex Sh*t, is the size of a house.

What so complex about a dump? Usually it just lays there.  Maybe this one has indoor plumbing like a house or maybe it operates on several emotional levels or it could just be that it’s creator took a healthy dose of a vitamin B complex?

The wind carried it 200 metres from the Paul Klee Centre in Bern before it fell back to earth in the grounds of a children’s home, said the museum’s director, Dr Juri Steiner.

The inflatable turd broke the window at the children’s home when it blew away on the night of July 31, Steiner said.

This is how kids get scarred for life. Just think, they’ll never get to enjoy the Thanksgiving Macy’s Day Parade like the rest of us, let alone enjoy the tasty delights of a kitty snickers bar.

Steiner said McCarthy had not yet been contacted and the museum was not sure if the artwork would displayed again.

He is known for tackling taboo subjects in ambitious installations that often turn fairy tales into messy nightmares.

I don’t know whose fairy tale includes 20′ loads of poo, but let’s face it, you’re going to feel a lot better after pushing that one out of your system.


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