Mice on a Plane

Let’s Fly to Cheese MountainI don’t mind telling you that I don’t like to fly. I think that if God had wanted dogs to fly, he would have given us a lifetime supply of first class upgrade vouchers. Last time I checked there wasn’t a voucher to be found in any one of my paws.

Well, it turns out mice have a different viewpoint. Take a gander at this article.

NORTH STONINGTON, Conn., Aug. 13 (UPI) — A pilot whose single-engine Cessna crashed in North Stonington, Conn., said investigators told him the crash was caused by mice aboard the plane.

I don’t think mice had anything to do with it. Why? Just read this next statement.

Danny Hall said his 1968 Cessna suffered engine failure and plummeted into the Pawcatuck River Aug. 2. Federal Aviation Administration investigators told him a mouse nest was the cause of the engine trouble, WSFB-TV, Hartford, Conn., reported Wednesday.

A 1968 Cessna. 1968! It probably still had it’s original orange shag carpeting.  What, was the original Wright Brothers plane was unavailable?

I gotta believe that if you’re going to fly, you’d do it in something safe…like this barrel.

Hall, 42, said the investigation found mice had built a nest in the plane that was sucked along with its occupants into the carburetor after he activated a device designed to prevent icing.

I wonder what’s worse;  a fast death through a carburetor or a slow death by having your head chewed on by a cat? I’m going to go with the high tech demise. But that’s me, a 21st century dog.


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