Manatee Loose Near Big Apple

manatee.jpgWe haven’t seen this much hysteria over fish in NY since the movie Splash came out. I’m sure I’m not the only dog that  thought Darryl Hannah looked scrumptious in that flick. In fact, my mouth waters just thinking about dabbing that fish tail in some savory sauce and downing it with a bowl of sea water. Anyway, enough about me, here’s what’s happening on the island that is long.

NEW YORK, Aug. 24 (UPI) — Several people have reported seeing a manatee in the New York area, though confirmation of the marine mammal’s visit remained elusive.Elaine Swedish-Rimmer, 70, said she saw the big beast Friday while fishing on a floating dock in Huntington, N.Y., Newsday reported Saturday.

The creature, thought to between nine to 10 feet long, may have also been spotted in Centerport, N.Y., Saturday as a several witnesses claim to have seen a manatee-like animal in area waters. Manatees are not native to the area, though experts say it isn’t unheard for one to travel so far north, Newsday reported.

Spokespeople for Rosie O’Donnell could not confirm her whereabouts this weekend.


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