Missing A Pig? Check the Local Shelter

pig.jpgOK, which one of you lost a pig last weekend? It shouldn’t be hard to remember, the pig weighs 500 lbs and hogs most of the bed it shares with you.

The Charleston Animal Society wants to reunite with its owner a stray pig found in Adams Run or find him a new home.

The adolescent male, which is tan with black spots, had been seen wandering around the area for about a week, said Kay Hyman, society director of outreach and communications.

If you’re wondering where he was wandering around, I’d say the Golden Corral would be a safe guess.

Anyone interested in claiming or adopting the pig may call the Charleston Animal Society at 747-4849.

Do you know how many bacon slices or ham sandwiches this one adoption could produce? If you said, “a lot”, you’re right.

Call now and reserve your very own all you can eat buffet.


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