Angler Reels in One Ugly Fish

I don’t see itI’ll be honest with you, I’m not much for fishing. Don’t blame me, blame my father. He’s the one who’s afraid of putting a worm on a hook and showing me the ropes. Granted, I’d have trouble working the fishing reel, but at least I’d down a few Bowzer Beers while I tried. And let’s face it, isn’t that what fishing is all about?

When I saw this story of a fisherman pulling in a big ole fish, I felt better about spending my Sunday mornings on the couch instead of in a cold river. After reading this story, I have no doubt you’ll agree with me.

An angler had a miraculous escape after catching himself in a freak fishing accident. Peter Inskip, 42, had to be cut off his own line after a two-inch lead weight shot through his neck and lodged at the top of his chest.

The dad-of-one was fishing for carp at a lake near his home when he tried to cast his line out into the water. As he went to flick it forward, the missile-shaped weight caught in undergrowth behind him. Instead of untangling it, the frustrated fisherman tugged as hard as he could.

The story here isn’t that this man caught himself while fishing, but that he actually managed to procreate.

It broke free and rocketed towards him – going straight into his skin “like a bullet”.

The engineer said: “I could see the line hanging out of a perfectly formed hole. It was still attached to my rod, which was in my hand, and I could feel the weight in the back of my throat.”

Off the record I imagine he said, “I knew I’d hooked something big, I just hoped it wasn’t a tire. “


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