“Urine Trouble” Says Delicatessen

Urine Trouble!!I don’t normally comment on the wacky behavior of humans because, well, they’re humans. I figured I’ll let that policy slide for this story since it does fall in line with one of the things I love doing most, marking my territory.

The story comes as no surprise to me, but apparently humans not only find it surprising, but appalling as well.

The Nolita hot spot Delicatessen has a full cocktail menu, pricey food, model patrons – and nightly golden showers, thanks to one pissed-off neighbor.

The glass-roofed lounge, which opened with red carpets and loud trance music in July, has neighbors at 265 Lafayette St. up in arms over the riotous party atmosphere.

But one unidentified building resident has taken matters into his own hands, emptying his bladder on the see-through ceiling from his apartment window above.

Of course where some see problems other’s see opportunity. If it were me, I’d promote the club as the only place on earth where you get to see the world from a toilet’s eye view. Of course on Friday and Saturday nights I’d spice it up by having the ‘pee-er” add some chocolate puddin to his lemonde surprise. But that’s me, Bo Hoefinger, marketing genius.

“We have our quiet little part of SoHo, and people want to keep it that way – but come on, that’s just gross,” [Joshua] Griffler said.

Owners Susan Leonard, Mark Amadei and Stacy Pisonne did not return calls seeking comment.

Anyone else think that Ms. Pisonne is just asking for it?


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