Puppy Not Named Bo, Swallows Arrow

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Am I too skinny?Cowboys and Indians. You remember that game don’t you?

Years ago, long before the political correctness wars took hold, young kids would play that game for hours on end. Honest injun, I kid you not. I used to love watching the kids play, waiting for the moment they would stop, plant their fat butts on a rock and open up a snack pak of Doritos. That’s when I’d make my killing.

Apparently, a dog named Summer-June lacked my patience and it nearly ended in her death. How?

Just read on…

A PLAYFUL puppy has defied medical odds after swallowing a ten-inch wooden arrow and living to tell the tale.

Amazingly, five-month-old Summer-June escaped unscathed when the potentially lethal toy avoided all the her vital organs as it lodged in her stomach.

Damn, those little indians are a great shot. I mean, really! An arrow shot right in the mouth, down the gullet and lodged in the belly of the beast! Impressive.

The pup is thought to have been playing with the arrow when it snapped and she inadvertently swallowed the bigger half. But she was left with only mild discomfort and her condition initially baffled vets and her owners.

Oh. I thought the kids shot her with it. Ok, I guess kids are still lazy and fat, just like they were in my day.

However, an x-ray found the arrow, complete with rubber suction pad at the end, enabling experts to carry out a successful operation to remove it.

She told the EADT: “I was so shocked when the vets told me what was wrong with Summer-June, my mouth just dropped. How she managed to carry on for a few days with an arrow inside her is beyond me – it is a miracle she is still alive.”

The puppy was brought to the vets after she had been sick on a number of occasions and Mr Culmstock admitted there was no clear diagnosis at first.

“When we carried out exploratory surgery, we found a wooden shaft about ten inches long with a rubber suction pad at the end.”

Within hours of the successful operation, Summer-June was eating normally again and is now recovering at home with her relieved owner.

If Summer-June wants to play Cowboys and Indians again, I’d suggest being an Indian. That way, you don’t have to worry about hat head, and besides rubber bullets are easier to pass than arrows.


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