Donkey Laughs Ass Off at Human

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Cow JumpingWe all know that, as dogs, we have a sense of humor unrivaled by any species. How else to account for living with humans all these years.  Well it turns out donkeys like a good gag now and again, too.

Check out this series of photos of a cow jumping over, not the moon, but an old Bulgarian woman. Then take note of the donkey’s reaction.

This bizarre sequence of pictures shows the cow spotting a lush patch of grass and bolting towards it for a quick feed.

Cow Jumping
No I'm not carrying you to the market!!
Elsie the cow says, "Do you really need a leash on me?
Mary the little lamb says, "Bahh, Bahh, Bahhd Bovine"

The fact that peasant woman and owner of the cow, 68-year-old Rositza Kasaboba, was in the way did not deter Dana the hungry bovine, who simply attempted to hurdle her.

Thankfully Rositza was virtually unscathed by the incident and managed a grin as she picked herself up off the floor.

C’mon, she’s Bulgarian. She could take a direct hit from Pershing missile and walk away unscathed.

Unfortunately the cow, named Dana, will not get off so lightly after her antics – and will now become Christmas dinner for the woman’s family.

Rositza, from the village of Krustatitsa in Bulgaria, said “Worst of all – even my donkey collapsed afterwards on the ground, I am sure it was laughing at me.”

 Now that’s funny!

 Safety is no laughing matter. All I can say is, “What an ass!”


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