Gorillas Run Wild In London

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Planet of the ApesI love bananas, especially when they’re dipped in peanut butter. So does my father, that’s why I follow him downstairs in the middle of the night when he pulls out his favorite treat. There, in the darkness, we enjoy what gorillas worldwide take for granted, a potassium boost in the form of a hot dog shaped balloon. Ahh to be a gorilla.

Well it turns out a bunch of folks in the UK decided to become gorillas for a good cause, and not for a selfish one like the one described above.  Check it out.

Bill Oddie, the conservationist and television presenter, fired the starting pistol for the sixth annual 7km Great Gorilla Run in London on Saturday.

About 750 runners took part, setting a world record for the largest-ever gathering of people wearing gorilla costumes.

The event was staged by The Gorilla Organisation, a charity which protects the endangered apes in central African rainforests.

Jillian Miller, the charity director, said: “The event has got better every year and the atmosphere among the runners and spectators is incredible. We hope to raise £200,000.”

Mr Oddie, presenter of the BBC’s Springwatch, said: “It is great that people are prepared to put so much effort into something so worthy, while maintaining such good humour.”

Race winner James Burton, 25, an account manager from Balham, south London, said: “I run regularly but it was much harder wearing the hot and heavy gorilla costume.”

You know why a Kenyan didn’t win this race? Because no Kenyan entered.


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